The GTC maintains a strong reputation for vendor-neutral testing with a focus on quality assurance rather than marketing or promotional goals.

GTC Membership can be viewed as an extension of in-house testing and Quality Assurance. GTC engineers have a thorough knowledge of both industry standards and the methods for testing them.

This testing is conducted in the GTC’s 200 square foot facility, which houses a multi-million dollar array of test equipment and the latest devices from Member companies. In return for their latest devices and support, members are entitled to high-caliber interoperability and conformance testing against other vendors’ devices – without having to incur the capital expense of setting up and operating their own test facilities. Members are also granted access to the entire active customer base within the Colo Atl facility for potential live trials.

Group test events allow a member to test against a wide variety of implementations in real-time, working with industry leaders and their engineers to solve interoperability issues and demonstrate commitment to interoperable products.

For more information or to become a member, email: